Illustrator and Artist

Creativity means stepping outside of comfort zones and exploring the nooks and crannies of your imagination.

Marketing your organization

Your culture IS your brand. (Tony Hsieh, CEO ZAPPOS.COM)

Technician and Management

In is down, down is front. Out is up, up is back. Off is out, on is in. And of course, left is right and right is left. A drop shouldn't and a 'block and fall' does neither. A trap will not catch anything. Strike is work (in fact, a lot of work). And a green room, thank God, usually isn't. Now that you're fully versed in theatrical terms, break a leg.


Photography is a form of meditation behind a lens that sees into the souls of the subject.

Web Design

Design is functional, art influences the user's experience, and form contains both.

recent works

character design

Having a love of art and picking up a pencil while mindlessly doodling has brought about a number of characters and they keep on coming.

Reimagining old characters in a new light is fun and rewarding as digital art tools continually get enhanced and provide new methods of making the imagined come to life.

brochure design

Your marketing materials represent your brand, and your brand represents your organizational culture. Pushing the boundaries of your brand to create a new and exciting presence on all platforms will continually pull customers in with engaging interfaces and mindful messaging.

website design

HTML(5), ASP, javascript, PHP...coding. The bane of many peoples' existence when it comes to marketing their organization.

Using an artistic eye and a designer's grasp of layout and keeping the client's vision in perspective is a balancing act that we go out on a wire for. Working closely with the client, the priority in designing your organization's website is on what you want your clients to see, as well as what works to get the message across effectively and engage customers for repeat visits.

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